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 How to be a Good Roleplayer.

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PostSubject: How to be a Good Roleplayer.   How to be a Good Roleplayer. I_icon_minitimeSat May 02, 2009 7:34 pm

This will be an attempt at preventing people who are not so experienced at Role playing, from making a fool of themselves. It was already clearly stated int he rules. That you need to post 4 lines Minimum. If it had been up to me, people would need to write 5-6 Minimum. There are ways that one must Role Play on this site, that will be considered acceptable. I will now Give a couple of examples.

How Not To Role Play:

You pick up a Kunai and stabs opponent in his back. *I am going to kill everyone*. I then stab two other people and run away.

This is a Prime example of an inexperienced Role player. And I urge everyone that fits the bill to shape up. First of all, you need to Role play in 3rd person. This means there are no longer any "I". You should turn this around into for example "John" or whatever your character's name is. You can also clearly see that the sample above doesn't fit the criteria of what we are looking for. The post in way too short. And dear I say it, rather Noobish.

How To RP Effectively:

Waking up at the sound of his alarm clock, John knew he was going to be late. His clock alarmed before but he decided to ignore it. Now rushing he gathered his things and decided to head out. Today could be the first time he would meet his Sensei and new team. Running through the streets of Konoha, John seemed really excited. But a little disappointed with himself. He didn't want anyone to think he was a slacker and wouldn't be a reliable person. Finally reaching the meeting point, he was out of breath as he suddenly came to an halt. He inhaled and then exhaled, a sigh follow afterward. "What a relief it seems I'm not so late after all". John said to himself as he started walking over towards his teammates. He knew his teammates very well from his days at the Academy. So getting along with them wouldn't be too difficult.

This is the sort of style we are looking for. And hoping you will use while Role playing. If you notice, there is a clear difference between the first RP sample and this one. This one had quotation marks "Quotation". And not **. It was also done in 3rd person. So there wasn't any "I". Instead it was John or whatever your character's name will be. You will also notice the length of the post and though its not as detailed as I would like it to be. It is still sufficient and your Fellow members will be satisfied with it.

Another Important aspect of Role playing, is that you don't use Acronyms. So please when your Role playing avoid using (u, tho, thru) You get the point? Please finish spelling the words.

Failure to follow these Rules, will lead to Warning and then a Ban.
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How to be a Good Roleplayer.
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