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 Summoning Rules

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PostSubject: Summoning Rules   Summoning Rules I_icon_minitimeSat May 02, 2009 7:36 pm

To avoid Op summonings i made this topic so people can avoid having summonings that are way to strong....


Your summonings must be an animal or beast of some kind.

Please avoid making elemental summonings

You may only have 1 summoning contract

For each summoning contract you can only have twelve summonings coming from that contract

Your boss summon must be near the power of Gamabunta or a little above anything stronger is to much

A summoning may only use one element

Once a summoning uses all of it's chakra it will disappear

A summoning can be killed

The max amount of jutsu a summoning can have is seven jutsu

All summoning contracts must have a kid level summon

You don't start off being able to summon the boss summon

You may only have a maximum of two elder summons in your summoning contract

Chakra and jutsu for summonings:

Elder summon have 95 chakra; can use six jutsu E-S

Boss summons have 150 chakra; can use seven jutsu E-S

Grown up level summons have 85 chakra; can use five jutsu E-A

Adolescent level summons have 60 chakra; can use three jutsu E-B

Kid level summons have 20 chakra; can use one jutsu E-C

Summoning types:

combat summons:these summons are used for combat they mostly use offensive and defensive jutsu, these summons are the strongest of them all

communication/tracking type:these summons are used to send meassages to others or track a person.

transportation type:These summonings ar made for transpoting people to another area these summonings have the greatest speed out of all the types of summons

For each type of summon you can only have a certain amount. Also during battle you can only summon one at a time.

Combat types: 5 total
Communication/Tracking: 2
Transportation: 3

Also only Jounin level and Higher can summon a Boss summoning

Chuunin can only summon and have full control over adolescent summons and under.They are able to summon one grow up summon but the summon might not listen to the summoners commands resulting in a waste of chakra.

Another thing is that only Chuunin and higher will actually be able to use the summoning jutsu.
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Summoning Rules
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