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 General Rules of the Forum

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PostSubject: General Rules of the Forum   General Rules of the Forum I_icon_minitimeSat May 02, 2009 7:39 pm

General Rules

All members including moderators and administrators are to follow these rules. Not following these rules will result in a suspension or whatever and admin deems appropriate for your action.

Flaming is not allowed.

Discrimination towards a member, race, gender etc. will not be tolerated.

Obscene images or anything deemed as pornographic are not allowed on this site meaning no nude pics of any kind or anything you would see on an adult site.

The mods and admins are the authority around here so if they tell you to do something do it with no argument unless told so by a different admin/mod.

Arguing is not allowed if you dont get along with a member ignore/dont talk/interact with them or pm a mod about it and they will handle it.

Cybering is not allowed here so dont do it.

Keep spam in the spam area meaning no spamming in the chat box.

No advertising in the chat box or advertisement on signatures keep advertisements in the advertisement section.

Members are allowed only one account per computer.

Keep signatures a reasonable size if your signature is too big it will be deleted by an admin.

No flashing avatars or signatures.

When creating a poll make sure to promote discussion

Anything that promotes illegal acts are not allowed and if caught doing so you will be banned.

Only mods are allowed to post in a person's app.

Backseat moderating isn't allowed if you're not a moderator dont act like one.

Dont bother the staff on checking apps or anything related everything will be checked overtime so have patience.

RPing Rules

These rules are to be followed by everyone including admins and moderators. Failure to do so will result in suspension of the rp or whatever an admin deems fair for your actions.

When posting you are to type in third person, first person is not allowed, so no I's or me's keep yourself out of it.

Godmodding isn't allowed your character isn't invincible and he/she wont be able to know how to react to every situation.

Force-playing isn't allowed to control another character, you can't say your attack was successful you need to let your fellow Rper choose if he/she wants to get hit or not. You are only allowed to force-play if the person lets you.

Meta-gaming isn't permitted if you here something or read something about a person's character i.e. you read a technique they had and when you faced them in rp your character knew the strengths and weaknesses of that technique. Your not allowed to do that your character must learn about another character in rp only.

Power-playing wont be allowed so dont try to make an OP character, technique, weapon, etc. it wont get approved.

No double posting there is an edit button for a reason theres no need for another post when you could easily add it to your old post.

when Rping use quotation marks when your character is speaking i.e. " It was a beautiful day out just a few minutes ago but now it's pouring rain and I have to stay at home." Jack let a big sigh seeing his day ruined by the weather.

Put anything that your character is thinking in italics i.e. "Basketball practice was really tiring today I can't believe coach made us do so many suicides."Opening the door to his house and then closing it when he entered taking a deep breath of relief.. "Mom I'm home!" Bobby announced heading into the kitchen.

When RPing use proper spelling and grammar we're not looking for perfection but your post should be readable.

When you post it must be atleast five lines long going across the screen.

There are also NO Cannon Characters that means you will have to create your own.
and there will be no reference to them since they all died or something.

No Role playing in two places at once.

Double accounts are not allowed. This will be considered as Hacking. And Will lead to you being banned from the site.

When killing your character please give your character a convincing real death, dont just kill your character in an unreal way, if you do your post will be void and your character will not be considered dead until you give him/her a convincing death.

Before you can post in a different country you have to post in traveling to another country saying how you got there.

Your character can only join things they know about or has a reason for knowing (i.e. your character heard an explosion and decided to check it out). So a person can't just pop out of nowhere and say they know everything that is happening.


Your character cannot be from two clans.

You cannot combine bloodlines or clans to make a new clan or bloodline.

If a topic says private you must ask the person who made the topic if it's okay if you can post in the topic.

No implants of eyes.

Even Though Bodyflicker is a d-rank jutsu in all genin will not be able to have/learn the jutsu. Only Chuunin and above will be allowed to have the bodyflicker jutsu. Spamming of the jutsu will monitored if a staff member finds that you're abusing the bodyflicker they are entitled to punish you or whatever the staff member deems fair for your actions

Spamming of Kawarimi (change of body stance technique) will result in punishment by the staff member and possiblly taking your rights to use the jutsu away from you.

Only Chuunin or higher ranked ninja are allowed to leave their village to join an organization or become or be trained by missing-nin

You may use the avatar of a character from another anime, game, movie etc. but you may not use any of the techniques from that anime you must make your own so if your using a character from bleach as your charcter please dont give him a jutsu to go shikai or bankai.This is a naruto rpg and it should stay a naruto rpg
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General Rules of the Forum
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