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 Fumito clan

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Jouchi Fumito

Jouchi Fumito

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PostSubject: Fumito clan   Thu May 21, 2009 7:03 am

name: Fumito

Kekkei genkai: Special chakra liquid in the skin. When the character uses a clan technique on her skin, the liquid will turn into gas. The gas will have a mysterious smell to it and will cast anyone to smell it into a genjutsu.

clan history: Fumito was the first ninja of being able to create Deep Blue Smoke. He was a powerful genjutsu ninja from Earth who later turned into a missing ninja after his wife was killed during the war. His goal as a missing ninja was to avenge on the ninja world. He was a very fearsome bandit until he died during a cidnap attempt on Kazekage in Hidden Sand Village.
Jouchi is the only child of Fumito and has heritated the bloodline ability of Deep Blue Smoke of him. She is now the founder of the clan.

native village: Hidden Rock Village

clan's enemy: none

clan alliances: Earth country

clan symbol: A blue puff of smoke against a white background.

clan weapon: Thousand Needles (A seal which is called Thousand Needles. When the seal is released, it will start to shoot out countless of needles, like as if there were multiple machine guns, towards a wide field.)

clan jutsus:

Name: Deep Blue Smoke
Rank: C
Chakra Points: 6
Element: Fire
Bloodline and clan technique
Range: Close, but the "smoke" can spread around far.
Description: The user burns up it's special chakra liquid, which is stored just beneath the skin. When it heats up, the pores will shoot it out into the enviroment. In the air, it will act like any gas and spread itself around in a big area. Since the user isn't controlling the movements of the gas, it is a risk that the wind will blow it away into wrong direction. Even with it's name, it is invisible gas. The power of the gas is that it will cast anyone to smell it into a genjutsu. The problem of breaking this genjutsu for the targets is that even if you cancel it, you will be breathing in the gas constantly and hence it would throw him back into the genjutsu again.
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PostSubject: Re: Fumito clan   Thu May 21, 2009 7:42 am

Approved =D
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Fumito clan
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