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 Character Creation Template

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PostSubject: Character Creation Template   Sat May 02, 2009 8:22 pm

Character Information

Name: (Your ninja's name of course.)

Age: (How old your ninja is.)

Gender: (Male or Female)

Appearance: Tell us what your character looks like be descriptive when describing your character, pictures can be used as well.

Personality: How does your chacter act? this Part should be atleast two paragraphs long a paragraph being five lines long across the screen.

Likes: (What does your character like to do, say, see, touch etc.)

Jinchuriki: Is your character one?

Appearance of Demon: What does the demon inside look like? (If you have one)

Demon Abilities: What can the demon do (If you have one)

Dislikes: (What does your character dislike to do, say, see, touch etc.)

History: Tell us a little about your character, the more the better.

Village: (Okay this is simple. What village your Ninja is from)

Rank: Most likely you will be starting out as an Academy Student unless given permission from a Moderator or Admin.

element:(water, fire, lightning,earth,wind) you can only have two.

Nindo: (What is your way of the ninja?)

Skills: (kenjutsu,Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Weaponry, Puppeteering) ~ You can choose up to 4 but it will take longer to master the third and fourth skills.

Equipment: what does your character carry with them?

Kunai: 20
Shuriken: 30
Rope: 3 feet
Senbon: 40

Jutsu: Put all your jutsus you know in this section.

Clan: You can use any clan from the show, or you can create your own! If you are gonna use a custom one, you must first create it in the Bloodline Creation.

Kekkei Genkai: Your clan's kekkei genkai please give a summary of what it does here.

clan weapon: this is for clan's that use a special weapon. You must first get it approved in the Weapon Creation.

Clan History: If you create a clan give us some information about them.

RP sample: Show us how you can roleplay. If we see that it is really poor we will help you, if it is really good maybe you'll be able to become a higher rank.
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Character Creation Template
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