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 Walking and Talking

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PostSubject: Walking and Talking   Walking and Talking I_icon_minitimeSat May 23, 2009 9:51 pm

Katsa was bored and decided to go into town to see if anybody needed help. She decided to take Po and the whole gang with her. "I think I heard someone calling for help. I was right over here." She goes and runs ahead of everyone else.

"Kat, slow down. We'll see of there is anybody. I really didn't here anything." Po knew that there was really nothing and decided to go alone. He threw a look and at Ronda, using his power of sending messages to other people's minds and mind reading, they had a talk, as they usually do when they didn't want Katsa to know what they were saying.

I think she has lost it. I hear nothing and I am tired and want to go back to the hut, Ronda conplained.

I know, but just go along with it. She has been restless for awhile. She needs something to do. And if you are so tired, then go back to the hut. I don't think that Kat won't mind, Po stated.

Both you and I know that Kat will mind and she'll be so pissed if I was to leave, Ronda countered.

Yes, but I think she'll make an exception for you, he nudged Ronda playfully, and you and I also both know that you have a thing for her and she has a thing for you.

Ronda blushed and walked up to Katsa and talk to her. "Hey Kat, you find anything yet?"

Katsa looked at Ronda and shoke her head. "No, but I know there's something."

Ronda was a little scared to ask to go back to the hut but he was tired and knew there was nothing. "Hey Kat, do you think it will be okay if I go back to the hut. I think Monachno might get lonely alone." He gave her the puppy-dog face that always gets Ronda whatever he needs or wants from Katsa.

Katsa knew Ronda was tired and wanted to go back. When he asked, she was going to say yes, but when he gave her the puppy-dog face, she was at a lost of words and couldn't speak. Po, can you do me a favor? She knew that she could have Po tell Ronda for her.

Yes Katsa? Po knew that Katsa was at a lost of words. She looked like she was about to just fall to mush.

Could you tell Ronda that he could go back to the hut for me? Katsa was ready for the laugh that was about to come out of Po mouth, but she never heard it.

Po really wanted to laugh at Katsa's request, but decided against it. Sure Kat, I'll tell him for you.

Thanks Po. Katsa thought.

Ronda? Katsa says you can go back to the hut.

Okay, but why couldn't she just tell me herself?

You gave her the puppy-dog face, and that made her speechless. Po stated in a "Duh" type way.

Oh... "Well I guess I should be heading back. I'll see you two later." Ronda soon turned and left toward the direction of the hut.
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Walking and Talking
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