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 Jinchuriki/Demon Rules

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PostSubject: Jinchuriki/Demon Rules   Jinchuriki/Demon Rules I_icon_minitimeSat May 02, 2009 9:04 pm

The are rules for any Jinchuriki so that fairness can be kept in the RP:

1. NO USING DEMONS FROM THE SHOW- You can have something like the ninetailed fox but not the REAL ninetailed fox.

2. Just because a person can transform does not mean the person is a Jinchuriki. For example my clan the Kedamono clan can transform into multiple beast whenever they want but they do not have demons sealed up in them.

3. If you are a good Jinchuriki then you have nothing to be worried about...if you are bad then you WILL be hunted down.

4. Demon Chakra is a Reserve of chakra so if you waste your chakra you can switch to demon chakra.

5. While in demon form jutsus will cost more Chakra Points

E: -4 more Chakra Points than usual
D: -5 more Chakra Points than usual
C: -6 more Chakra Points than usual
B: -7 more Chakra Points than usual
A: -8 more Chakra Points than usual
S: -9 more Chakra Points than usual

6. Demon Chakra Goes as follows

Academy Student: 25 CP's
Genin: 50 CP's
Chuunin: 75CP's
Jounin: 85 CP's
Kage: 100 CP's

CP's= Chakra Points

7. You must train to have full control over your demon. Even if you do after you transformed you will be exhausted.

8. To train to have full control over your demon:

Genin: 8 weeks of training 5 paragraphs per day
Chuunin: 7 weeks of training 4 paragraphs a day
Jounin: 6 weeks of training 3 paragraphs a day
Kage: 5 weeks of training 3 paragraphs a day

Now this is real time so...It will take a long time to have full control over the demon. I put this so it can be fair to other members who are not a Jinchuriki.
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Jinchuriki/Demon Rules
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